"View From Il Borghetto"

"View From Il Borghetto"
Acrylic on canvas

Welcome and greetings to all~

Well, I can't believe it!  Finally - a Web Log of my own.

I've never been much of a "blogger", which is pretty amazing considering how much I like to talk.  I'm pretty new to this, so staring at a blank box is a bit intimidating.

Nevertheless, here I am and I hope you will come visit from time to time to see how I and my art progress as time goes by.

I know it looks pretty sparse right now, but give me some time and a keyboard and I'll have you

trotting to the kitchen for more wine and cheese to keep me company here in cyberspace in no time..... see?....you & I are settling in already.

I'm an artist in the Upstate NY area; returning after many years in Boston, MA as a commercial artist and designer in the advertising industry.  It was a great ride and I still do graphic design work, but I'm getting back to my fine art roots (or planting new ones).

I love to paint, draw, & make whimsical paper jewelry which I sell to stores and galleries. I plan to have an Etsy store soon, so stay tuned for that.

Meanwhile, let's ease into this gently, shall we?

I paint primarily with acrylics on canvas.

I've been getting into watercolors lately and boy, are they frustrating at times.

It's a great medium, but you can over think it at times and have a real mess.

Or, you can not think about it enough and still have a real mess. Such a fine balance is the challenge, I guess.

But there are those shining moments when you put that brush to paper and "Voila!".....you say to yourself.... "uhh, how'd that happen?"  And... "will it happen again?"

Of course it will!  Keep at it, and those shining moments become more frequent.

As I've always said, "When you're an artist, you're never done learning or sharing your gift."

Something like that, anyway.

I also do commissioned pet portraits, so visit my main website to see more of my work.


Did I mention that I have a place where you can purchase some fun products with lots of my images on them?  

Here 'tis:   www.cafepress.com/SharonAlama

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